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Remember the laptop-destroying 'USB Killer?' Now you can buy one

‘Minecraft’ Is Getting New Boss Battles This Fall

This Indian bank is getting a robot to greet customers

This speech recognition software is much faster than human typists

Data Loss and Recovery: The Essential Dos and Don’ts

Square brings payment and capital offerings to TouchBistro and Vend customers (Darrell Etherington/TechCrunch)

Fitbit unveils $100 'swim-proof' Flex 2 and $150 Charge 2 with heart rate monitoring (Harrison Weber/VentureBeat)

Now Facebook’s Trending Column Actually Is Automated

Fitbit is Finally Launching a Fitness Band You Can Swim With

Fitbit’s Most Popular Fitness Band is Getting an Update

Fitbit's new fitness trackers are all about personalization

Need a phone or a refrigerator? Here's where you'll find it - CNET

What will you sacrifice to make way for the new USB? - CNET

Opera sync system hacked, passwords of 1.7 million users reset

World’s Smallest Pacemaker Gains FDA Approval By Monique C. Bethell, Ph.D.

Facebook brings more automation to Trending Topics section, lays off entire editorial team

Scientists exit volcano *** after year-long Mars simulation

Bourne's 3D conversion sends Chinese heads spinning

Kim Dotcom calls for livestream of extradition appeal

Mock Mars mission ends in Hawaii

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